WATCH: Geraldo Gets In Judge Jeanine’s Face… Gets Smacked Down Like Never BEFORE

You never have to wonder where Judge Jeanine of Fox News stands in the issues because she lets you know exactly how she feels. This past Friday she was on Fox and Friends and she slammed the President Obama era administration under the Justice Department. She went on to argue that the videos released this week were enough to bring about a criminal investigation against a Democratic operatives.

James O’Keefe released the videos and he was a guerrilla videographer. He worked with Project Veritas which showed agents of the Democratic Party openly admitting to their culpability in the headline grabbing incidents of this presidential election that were deliberately blown out of proportion. Specifically the rioting at Trump rallies.

WITI in Green Bay reported that Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel is reviewing the leaked videos because they involved a high profile politician from Madison, Wisconsin named Scott Foval.

Schimel spokesman Johnny Koremenos said,

The Attorney General is aware of these videos and very concerned about apparent violations of the law. We are evaluating and reviewing available options to address the serious questions these videos raise.”

Pirro clashed with Geraldo Rivera of Fox on the issue. Pirro is a well known critic of the FBIs decision not to prosecute Clinton over her private email server and her stance was no different on this issue either. She said,

You and I know that Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department would be there in three seconds if it were reversed and there were Democrats who were being victimized, according to them.

But you know what? People can say, ‘where’s the FBI, where’s the Justice Department?’ ‘This is a violation of civil rights,’ and all that. But you know what? As a former prosecutor, I would put a criminal case together without the FBI, without the Justice Department – because they’re clearly the most politicized Justice Department in the history of this country.”

She went on to say that rioting and protesting that goes out of control is enough to put a case together as an individual prosecutor seeking indictment. You don’t need superior authority for a large investigation. Thus, she believes the prosecutors should create the investigations themselves.

Rivera insisted that it is too late for this issue to impact the campaign with it less than eighteen days away. But Pirro vociferously denied it saying this is about the principal of it being a travesty of justice. She further insisted as a District Attorney she could indict in a split second with the evidence they have.

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