Sickening: Geraldo Rivera Defends Marxist Tyrant Fidel Castro In His Death (VIDEO)

There are very few words that exist to describe the kind of dumb ass Geraldo Rivera is. He has the audacity and stupidity enough to get on national television and defend MARXIST TYRANT, Fidel Castro and the life choices he made that tortured, oppressed, and killed men, women, and children that were trying to free themselves from his evil rule.

What a total asshat! Here he is talking something he knows NOTHING about, and acting as if he knows the guy enough to defend him, while I am sure thousands who actually suffered because of Castro look on in horror.

If I was treated horribly by someone and my family’s lives put at risk because of him… I’d be HORRIFIED to see some douchebag like Geraldo on t.v. who knows NOTHING about what I went through acting like I’m overreacting and the man who made my family and I suffer is just misunderstood and deserves respect. To that I have just a few words for him.

Dear Geraldo,

Listen asshole…go away. Your craziness is not even entertaining anymore after this. You are just SICK!

Now, witness for yourself just how much of an idiot this guy is. No regard for the people who suffered at all.

This a-hole could not be more wrong, he could not be anymore ignorant or wildly disconnected from the reality of who Castro was and what he stood for. He is quite possibly one of the most brutal killers of our time, and watching Gerald put his head up his ass so far he can see the sun…is just disgusting.

Just in case you couldn’t believe what he said on the video…I have it right here for you to process slowly.

Geraldo: You know I’ve been to Cuba several times especially back in those times when it was shut off. I think it’s very easy to have a simplistic view that he was all awful for Cuba and the world and I just don’t think that’s accurate. I think the Cubans have a tremendous sense of pride over his legacy. And I think he will be remembered fondly… There are aspects of what he left behind that I think will be remembered.

Id like to see him survive even just ONE day under Castro’s reign. Just one day. That would be all it took for Geraldo to go crying home to his mama about his hurt feelings.

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