Geraldo Rivera Releases Sickening Pro-Castro Statement, He’s In Trouble Now

It truly is ironic that the same progressives who claim to be standing up for the marginalized and the oppressed are the most likely to have a love affair with dictators.

Fidel Castro is dead, and you’d think he was a great guy if you listened to liberals. Sure Castro wanted thermonuclear war between the communists and the West, sure he tortured, killed, and imprisoned gays and political dissidents, sure freedom of speech and democracy is all but entirely absent from Cuba, but he was also a remarkable leader and orator! Yes, there really are people defending him.

As Conservative 101 reported: Geraldo Rivera took to twitter and tweeted a storm of pro-Fidel Castro tweets.

“Conservatives mocking nuanced view of #FidelCastro make me gag-What do they say about @realDonaldTrump? #RonaldReagan? RichardNixon? #Elvis?” he tweeted. In what world is Fidel Castro comparable to Donald Trump or Elvis Presley? That’s the real question.

After being mocked he continued. “Rightwingers forgave Germany Japan & Vietnam but after 50 yrs unremitting hostility the Cold War is alive& well when it comes to dead #Fidel,” he tweeted.

“Conservatives condemn #FidelCastro to the garbage heap of history because they think only they should get the benefit of relativity,” he tweeted. And then finally…

“Weak-kneed liberals have allowed a handful of Cuban exiles & their conservative lackeys to distort American foreign policy for 1/2 a century,” he tweeted. Apparently not realizing that thousands of Cubans were partying in the streets when he died and Castro’s own sister wouldn’t attend his funeral.

Needless to say, Geraldo was quickly eviscerated.


On second thought, there were some things Castro CAN be credited for.

Never, ever forget that Fidel Castro created a thriving, free, democratic and wealthy Latin American community. In Miami.

And that’s about all. Fidel is dead, and all the Cubans whose escaped Cuba are celebrating. The only people celebrating in Cuba are those being forced at gunpoint to do so – which speaks volumes.

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