German Government Confirms That Over 130,000 Migrants Have ‘Vanished’

From BREAKING911: Germany officials have confirmed that they do not know the whereabouts of over 130,000 migrants.

The government confirmed the worrying statistic during a question in Parliament on Thursday.

Officials worry that they have either left Germany to enter other European countries, or they have disappeared underground.

The figure was calculated on accommodation slots across the country that were allocated to migrants and not taken up.

Frank-Jurgen Weise, the head of Germany’s migration officer, confirmed that there are up to 400,000 migrants in the country whose identity are unknown.

Germany made a request to the European Union to take back refugees for one in every ten applications.

This comes as French authorities are preparing to demolish a large section of the Calais migrant camp after a judge upheld a decision to evict hundreds of migrants.

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon said: ‘We have informed the European Commission that we will temporarily depart from Schengen rules.’



Many migrants are expected to protest the eviction and forcefully resist.

French officials have confirmed they will what ever force is necessary to move the migrants to alternative accommodation in a nearby park.

Belgium has now reintroduced border controls to stop the arrival of migrants from the Calais camp.

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