German President Goes To Shake Muslim Girl’s Hand At A School, WATCH What She Does Instead! (VIDEO)

Germany has generously welcomed thousands upon thousands of refugees from war-torn Middle Eastern countries. But these refugees have refused to assimilate to western civilization. Instead of showing gratitude and appreciation, refugees have instead taken to committing crime sprees, with women and children frequently becoming victims of sexual assault and rape. There is a culture of disrespect towards German citizens, and even the president isn’t exempt.

Germany has welcomed over one million Muslim immigrants since 2015, many of whom have not been vetted in any way. The country itself only has 80 million people, so this has been a huge change — and Chancellor Angela Merkel is expecting to absorb another million immigrants next year. And in just five to seven years, these immigrants will be eligible to bring their family members to Germany, too.

It’s not difficult to see how this could fundamentally change Germany forever.

Recently, President Joachim Gauck visited a school with the hope of promoting integration. Muslim children were present… and one of them disrespected him in a huge way.

Despite the disastrous effects of the flood of Muslim refugees into Germany, and the disrespect shown to Gauck, he has said that he wishes to be replaced by a Muslim when he steps down.

It’s as if they’re trying to destroy themselves!

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