(From Jihad Watch) How very odd. There are “thousands” of suspected jihadis in London alone, and over in Germany, 200 active investigations of Muslims in connection with the Islamic State. Whence this epidemic of misunderstanding of Islam? Can’t Barack Obama and John Kerry and David Cameron and Theresa May do something about this? After all, it is so clear to them that the Islamic State and jihad terror have nothing to do with Islam — surely they will find it easy to convince all these Muslims from Britain and Germany of that fact, no?

“Germany Probes Over 200 Accused of Backing Terrorism: Report,” by Todd Buell, Wall Street Journal, October 11, 2014 8:35 a.m. ET


FRANKFURT—German authorities are investigating more than 200 individuals accused of supporting Islamic extremism, the country’s justice minister said in remarks published Saturday.

“There are by now legal proceedings against more than 200 suspects in connection to Islamic State,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas is quoted as saying by Der Spiegel magazine. A ministry spokesman confirmed the remarks. Not all of the suspects are in Germany, the spokesman said….


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