Girl Comes Out Of Tunnel Slide In Tears, Mom Sick When She Looks Inside

A woman named Amy Smith took her cute little girl to the playground to have some fun when it wasn’t busy or crowded. Her little girl ran to the slide and climbed in preparing to go down. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Quickly, the little girl came running out in tears.

The tunnel is Smith’s daughters favorite place to play but after the traumatizing experience this past Sunday afternoon she doesn’t want to go anymore. The little girls name is Demi Mai who went running to her mom with blood dripping down her legs.

The Mirror reported that Smith and Demi Mai were at the playground in Torquay, England at the Kitson Park. The blood covered her diaper and the back of her upper legs. Never before had something so terrible happened at the park. Apparently glass was placed on the slide intentionally. Shards of glass became embedded in the little girls legs and diaper so the mother rushed her to the emergency room. She had to receive special care as a result.

Demi Mai is now safe and sound at home recovering. Now Smith wants to send a message to other parents to inspect playground equipment before sending their kids off to freely play.

imageNever before would people have to worry about such a terrible thing. Kids could just freely play wherever and whenever they wanted. Kids are meant to be kids and enjoy there playtime. Their innocence should be maintained and should not have to worry about such ridiculous and dangerous things.

Now she probably will fear slides and playgrounds for at the very least a long time. She deserves to be a happy go lucky kid and not worry about such things. Shame on up whoever put those pieces of glass on the slide. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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