Girl Is Raped By Her Brother, Gets Pregnant- Family Does UNTHINKABLE To Get Rid Of The Evidence

If black lives mattered, then this sure proves quite the opposite.

In this crime, it’s apparent that black lives do not matter, especially teenagers and babies.

This could be the most horrific story about an entire family that resembles the worst thing I’ve ever seen in an abandoned Mexican toilet that hasn’t been flushed in 50 years.

An entire rotten family who is sick in the head. An entire family who should be burned at the stake like the Witches of Salem. I’m sure you’ll agree why this family should no longer have the right to live on our planet. Burn them up, dump the ashes in a toilet, and flush them like the sh*t they are.

Hope you’re not eating right now, because this will surely turn your stomach.

Take a look at these five people and imagine what crime they could’ve done to make the headline of this article 1,000,000 times worse.

Take a good long look at them.


A 14-year-old was raped by her brother. He knocked her up. The family can’t handle it like grown ups by figuring out what to do (reporting the brother for rape and hoping he gets life in prison) or going to a clinic and deal with it that way. Maybe even take the Plan B pill like a normal person who visits the pharmacy (unless you’re in Ferguson, where they burn them down). This is that one time someone might really need Planned Parenthood and their insane amount of African American abortions – because black lives matter, right?

Anyway, instead of handling their “bizness” like real adults, they do the most unthinkable thing you can imagine. The beat the dickens out of this poor teenager to kill the baby. That’s right, her OWN family beat up that rape victim so she’d have an abortion at home.

The baby was stillborn.

The family took the next sicko step and threw the baby on the grill. You know the people in the hood always have a grill, so of course they tossed the baby on like it was a rack of ribs and had no soul. No worries. We beat up our rape victim family member, then smoked her baby over some hot coals.

Nothing out of the ordinary for a family who deserves to be lined up and shot point blank with a tank.

If I had a murder button and could press it one time, it would be right now and it would remove every family member who hurt that poor girl. Anyone who laid a finger on her = dead. Anyone who witnessed it and kept their mouth shut = dead.

And now that you know the sick story of a girl who was raped and impregnated by her cross-eyed brother, then whose family beat her into an abortion and grilled her baby – now you can get the details about the family members. Here’s their names and information, that way if you see them at a local store (if they’re somehow not dead in a jail cell) then you know to stay far away from these creeps.

If the Dallas sniper aimed at this family, then he would’ve won a hypothetical medal. He’d probably still go to jail or get exploded by a robot, but at least he’d have some respect instead of shooting cops and losing respect. I’d give a lot of props to a sniper who took these guys out. I’m not suggesting that anyone do it, and my props aren’t worth the paper you print these articles out on, but I’m just saying…I wouldn’t shed a tear for these pieces of sh*t. And that poor girl who suffered through this, she deserves to live a life with a new family who actually loves her and will take care of her. She was 14 and traumatized like crazy. No girl deserves that treatment. Maybe the girl Farrah from Teen Mom, because she’s hideous and annoying, I would almost not care if this happened to her. But as much as she’s a degenerate twit, I would probably still not wish this upon her. I can dislike her without her being hurt. She hurts herself every time she looks in the mirror anyway.

Robert Cayald raped his sister. He’s the cross-eyed jack*ss in the picture above, banged with sexual assault charges.

Lonnell McDonald and his nappy hair is responsible for stomping on the teen until her baby died, nailed with capital murder and aggravated assault.

S. Jones, C. Jones, and C. McDonald were also involved in this crime and charged with conspiracy to commit capital murder.

Hopefully all five of them spend the rest of their life in prison.

I heard they don’t like child touchers/killers in prison.

You heard what happened to Jeffery Dahmer, right?

I hope there’s a Christopher Scarver in every prison.

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