‘Git-R-Done’: Larry The Cable Guy Snaps Army Vet’s Arm In-Half During Arm Wrestling Match (VIDEO)


Man, this is hard to watch. I’ve never seen this happen before. Larry The Cable Guy, a comedian who’s made $50 million telling redneck jokes, is a huge Nebraska football fan. At the Huskers’ game against Illinois last weekend, an Army veteran named John challenged him to an arm wrestling contest. You see them facing off and a little boy sets them to wrestling. Just when you think John may win, Larry does… but not how you would expect. He broke John’s arm like a Thanksgiving wishbone.

The surprising part is there was no howl of pain from John. It was just sort of like, will you look at that. Then they got him to the hospital where they put a plate in his arm. Larry broke his humorous bone in an ironic twist. John is recovering just fine… but you have to wonder why his arm broke like that. I’m sure the doctors are running tests and I hope he is okay. He seems to be and I guess it was just a freak thing.

From TheBlaze:

What started as an innocent arm wrestling match quickly took a turn for the painful last weekend.

Larry the Cable Guy, whose real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney, certainly followed through with his famous “Git-R-Done” mantra during a football game Saturday at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln when he snapped the arm of his opponent, an Army veteran named John, nearly in half.

According to TMZ, the match took place in Whitney’s luxury suite and it was John who challenged the comedian to the dual.

The Army vet underwent surgery to have a plate put in his arm and is recovering well. As it turns out, Larry the Cable Guy broke his opponent’s humerus bone.

Watch the graphic video at your own risk:

Larry the Cable Guy is now officially retiring from arm wrestling. I’m sure he feels awful about this. Naturally, the comedian took to Twitter Thursday afternoon to joke he will never again try his hand at arm wrestling. And I don’t blame him. That would put me off it forever as well. It’s not exactly what anyone expected.

I don’t think this is what Larry the Cable Guy meant by “Git-R-Done.” The video is graphic and is disturbing… but hey, that happened. Regardless, both Larry and John will have a tale to tell from here on out. And never ever arm wrestle with Larry the Cable Guy. Just sayin’.


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