Giuliani Just Confirmed Hillary’s WORST FEARS About The FBI And DOJ; EVERYONE Needs To KNOW! (VIDEO)

For all the trouble Megyn Kelly has given Donald Trump this election, you have to give her credit for hammering Hillary Clinton too.

Appearing on Megyn Kelly’s show last night, Rudy Giuliani hammered Hillary for the multiple investigations she’s currently under (the new email investigation, and investigation into the Clinton Foundation).

“I could make this case in about two months,” Giuliani, also the former US Attorney for the Southern District of New York State, said.

He then spoke on the Clinton Foundation, recounting a case in which the bank UBS reportedly gave $660,000 to the Clinton Foundation, in addition to a $30 million loan and $1.5 million speaking fee.

At the time, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Geneva, Giuliani said, and told the IRS to “go easy on UBS” on the surrender of the identities of thousands of American taxpayers suspected of shielding themselves from US taxation.He argues that there’s an obvious bribery case to made there.

“My former assistant [FBI Director James Comey]… made the wrong decision in July,” Giuliani added, regarding the original decision to not indict Hillary.

As Red State Watcher reported:

Former New York Mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani spoke with Megyn Kelly on Fox news and confirmed what many have been speculating about a civil war within the highest levels of our government.

Civil war indeed.

For all the charges we’re hearing that Comey’s investigation is interfering with the election, it’s truly the election that’s interfering with Comey’s investigation.

The truth was going to come out on Hillary Clinton eventually – don’t voters have a right to know if they’re voting for someone who may be governing the nation from jail? I’d like to think so.

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