Giuliani Just EXPLODED On Obama! Knocked Him The HELL OUT On LIVE TV! Fox Anchors Left SHOCKED! (VIDEO)

The former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani just served up a plate of hot steaming ROAST Obama. He shared on LIVE T.V. his thoughts Obama’s announcement yesterday on his sanctions with Russia.

He says with Obama having just a few weeks left it’s “almost silly” for him to be making such decisions.

“It’s not only too little, too late. It’s almost silly the way he did it,” said Giuliani, adding that he’s never seen a sitting U.S. president try to create more problems for his successor.

He also says Obama totally double crossed Israel last week and the now with these new moves against Russia it is obvious that Obama is doing everything in his power to take any leverage away from Trump.

However, all he’s managed to do is make these world leaders even more eager for Trump to take the White House so they don’t have to deal with these childish games that have adult consequences.

Giuliani argued that Obama had a lot of time to go after Russia for cyber attacks but just sat on it until the eleventh our instead, and reminds us that Obama LAUGHED at Mitt Romney when he said back in 2012 that we should beware of Putin’s moves.

This is the full interview that took place, there is much more to what Giuliani had to say, and it’s one interview you don’t want to miss.

With Obama doing everything in his power to try and create an even bigger set of issues for President-elect, Donald Trump when he enters the White House and starts putting this country back together…it’s no wonder that people are really starting to lose any respect he may have once had from a chosen few of us.

It is like he is in his first bad break-up and is doing all the wrong things…that just make him look certifiably crazy.

Let it go Obama… walk away with some dignity intact.

Or not…up to you.

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