Giuliani: Obama didn’t go to Paris rally because he didn’t want to make statement on radical Islam (VIDEO)


In a great interview last night, Giuliani told Hannity that he believes that Obama didn’t go to the rally in Paris because he didn’t want to make a statement about radical Islam.

Watch the full interview below:

The next logical question for me is ‘Why didn’t Obama want to make a statement about radical Islam?’. While people like Giuliani grapple with the answer to this question, it’s really so simple.

Why does every member of this administration, from John Kerry to Eric Holder to Josh Earnest, walk on eggshells around Islam? Because they don’t want to offend Muslims? Sorta.

Because they don’t want to offend one Muslim: Obama.

There are times in which I would swear that John Kerry is a Muslim by the way he so passionately goes out of his way to defend Islam. It’s like an obsession with this administration. Even part of the anti-ISIS alliance was about defending Islam. It’s to the extreme with this administration.

Now I don’t honestly believe John Kerry is a Muslim so what’s the answer? They are defending their president’s religion! And they are probably doing it at the behest of their president.

Why didn’t Obama go to Paris? Because he’s a Muslim and he didn’t want to participate in a rally against Islam.

No, I’m not saying he condoned the attacks. That’s absurd and preposterous.

But as a Muslim he simply didn’t want to participate and take a stand against radical Islam.

So he says he’s a Christian so he can get elected but he’s bent over backwards for Islam from day one of this administration. And he hates Israel.

Sorry, but for me there is no other conclusion.

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