BREAKING: Look What Rudy Giuliani Just Did For Trump…He SACRIFICED Everything!

There were many loyal soldiers in the Trump campaign army. Many of which likely expected to be compensated in one way or another for their loyalty.

Among those loyal soldiers is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani has officially asked for his name to be removed from any future cabinet positions in the Trump administration.

Giuliani never ceased to do a Fox News appearance on behalf of Donald Trump or for him. He always did his part in swatting off reporters and pundits from the mainstream liberal media. But a Fox News contributor does not a cabinet member make.

On November 29th he told Fox News,

“I decided … that the whole thing was becoming … very difficult for the president-elect, and my desire to be in the Cabinet was great, but it wasn’t that great and he had a lot of terrific candidates.”

He also released a statement that ABC News reported on,

Look at one of his interviews that he took after President Elect Trump’s upset win that shocked everyone.

Giuliani has come under fire by both conservatives and liberals for his checkered personal and professional past. While some say he should be rewarded for his loyalty others argue that he’s nothing more than a soldier who appeared on Fox News once and a while for Trump.

Regardless, the former New York Mayor is now stepping aside for the betterment of the Trump administration so that they do not have to deal with the backlash associated with appointing him inside the Trump cabinet.

While many may not like him it is certainly a self sacrificing thing to do to give himself up for the better of the administration. So that they can get back to the business of helping this country become great again. We have no doubt he will be back again in the public eye in one way or another.

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