World Famous Golfer Gets Called a ‘Fascist’ for Golfing With Trump. He Fires Back With a Hole-in-One Message

When anyone attaches themselves to the President liberals take the opportunity to pounce on them. One famous golfer is no different. Rory McIlroy was just targeted online and through social media for taking a round of golf with the President. He had already cemented himself as a legendary golfer but this just goes to show what a class act he really is.

Steve Harvey, Kanye West, Jon Voight, Omarosa Manigault, and Gene Simmons are just a few more of the Hollywood celebrities who have been poorly mistreated for expressing their support for Donald Trump. Regardless of the fact that we live in a free country where you can vote for whoever you want and say almost whatever you want.

McIlroy is the only person to ever play professional golf to win three major championships prior to his 25th birthday. Which makes him greater than Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus combined. Just last week he was on the links with President Trump. Because their is nothing that brings people together more than a good sport, or in this case, a game of golf.

The President famously has very high need gold courses and resorts. He is often seen out golfing with friends, family, and business associates. Much like the former President Obama. Perhaps it is where he does his best negotiating for the United States of America.

However, this does not make him immune to the idiocy of the left. Progressives and liberals alike decided to go to social media to express their outrage over the fact that this world famous golfer took a game with the President. But he did not let it make him sweat for one minute. He gave the classiest and most graceful response someone in his situation could give.

See some people’s responses to the game of golf here,

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