Good News! 1 In 4 US Muslim Youths Approve Of Suicide Bombings

Moderate Muslims: not as moderate as you’d think.

The membership of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, and similar terror groups ranges from the hundreds of thousands to seven figures. Out of a Muslim population of 1.6 billion that’s not much.

But don’t be fooled. There are dozens of countries that have Sharia law – the implementation of which is the end goal of groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc. We don’t see much terrorism in those countries because they already reached the end-goal of implementing Sharia law.

That doesn’t mean that most Muslims don’t hold views that we would consider radical – even if they’re “moderates” in comparison to those waging war for ISIS.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

France has been the target of the most devastating recent terrorist attacks because, apparently, almost half of young French Muslims support suicide bombing, probably the most extreme act of terrorism.

But a November, 2015 Pew Poll found that while a large percentage of Muslim youths in the West support suicide bombing, and out of those the largest percentage live in France, the numbers in the US are only somewhat better.

“The higher levels of support for suicide bombing seen among young American Muslims resembles patterns found among Muslims in Europe, where Muslims also constitute a minority population,” the Pew poll concluded. “In Great Britain, France and Germany, Muslims under the age of 30 are consistently the least likely to say that suicide bombing is never justified.

“In other words, the share who think suicide bombing against civilians can ever be justified, even if rarely, is higher among those younger than 30 compared with those who are older. About a quarter (26%) of younger US Muslims say suicide bombing can at least rarely be justified, 17 percentage points higher than the proportion of Muslims ages 30 and older (9%) who share that view. The age gap is about as wide in Great Britain (18 percentage points) but somewhat narrower in Germany (12 points), France (11 points) and Spain (7 points).”

Well that’s reassuring.

Even if a small percent of Muslims held these kind of views – say 5% or 10% – out of a Muslim population of 1.6 billion, that’s a sizeable army of adherents to political Islam.


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