Look How These Good Ol’ Boys Reacted To BLM Protesters [VIDEO]

What would you do if you were driving to work one day on the highway, and instead found yourself stuck in traffic for hours on end because a group of Black Lives Matter protesters decided to block off the highway?

I doubt you’d rush off to go join their movement.

Personally, I know I’d be one of those tempted to make my own path.

During a recent BLM protest in Maryland, the protesters at least weren’t blocking off any roads. However, a few citizens in Maryland decided to let those protesters know what the community really thinks of them.

The counter-protesters took two trucks, one of which was a diesel truck, and proceeded to spew black exhaust smoke across the group of protesters with a little truck called “Rollin’ Coal.”

Watch below, in the video obtained via Eagle News:

The video was posted by someone sympathetic to the BLM movement, writing “This video just goes to show how much respect WE don’t get and how WE are really viewed… PLEASE SHARE.” We’re happy to share it – just not for the reasons he wants.

By the way, want to know why these protesters were angry? They were upset about what the fact that a 15 year old girl in the town ran her bike into a car and damaged the vehicle. Then, when police arrived instead of cooperating and complying with the officer’s requests, she assaulted them and they had to mace her to subdue her.

What are police supposed to do, just let everyone who resists arrest get away so they don’t anger the kooks over at BLM? I don’t want to live in a world where police can’t do their job because they fear a riot might follow. If the government ever gives in to the demands of BLM, they’ll be allowing mob rule.

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