Look What Gorsuch Let Slip During Confirmation Hearing That Brought The Entire House Down – This Is AWESOME!

Have you ever heard anyone say that if you can’t laugh at yourself you’ll miss half the laughs? I know it’s true in my own life, and it was true yesterday at Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing. Gorsuch is quickly becoming a favorite among conservatives across the nation because of the gracious way he has reacted to the onslaught brought by Democrat’s who resemble a group of mercenaries going to war.

They’ve harassed him, insulted him, set traps for him and ultimately they have come away the losers looking all the more foolish for their efforts.

What finally tripped up the normally almost statuesque Gorsuch was a question brought by Republican Senator Ben Sasse from Nebraska. He asked Gorsuch about the Declaration of Independence and what role it plays today. Gorsuch was waxing eloquent about one of his all-time favorite documents when he made a very uncharacteristic verbal error.

There you have it. The democrats finally have Gorsuch on something. After hours and hours of questioning, they’ve finally discovered that he’s listened to the President speak.

That’s it people, he can’t sit on the Supreme Court if he will in any way listen to our Commander in Chief speak. Also, they can probably frame it as if both the Senator and the good judge have a gambling problem now. In fact, let’s make it racketeering for good measure.

In all seriousness, if this is the biggest mistake Gorsuch as made during his grueling hours of interrogation at the hands of the Senate and he doesn’t get confirmed, justice is truly dead in America.

(H/T: C-Span)

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