US government continues to target Christians in the military

In Carthage, Missouri the heart of the bible belt lays a Bible Baptist Church bursting with patriotism and pride in their military.  They hold summer youth camps where teens pledge allegiance to our flag and sing the national anthem; its the storybook american pride all should strive for.

[sociallocker]According to the Pastor Kent Hogan they “are a very patriotic church” and they “love America”[/sociallocker]

But this is where the federal government stepped in to literally rain on their parade. On Thursday the church was scheduled to honor the members of the Missouri National Guard and invited the Armory unit nearby to drop off a Humvee so the children could see it.

“We were going to thank them for protecting our religious liberty,” said Pastor Hogan. “It was more of a promotion for the military – to show the kids what the military does.”

“We were told it was against military policy for National Guard troops to participate in Vacation Bible School,” Pastor Hogan said. “They said if the National Guard had assets on church property it would look like the National Guard is sponsoring the Baptist religion.”

Several members of the Missouri National Guard were quoted anonymously and let their disgust be known for the truly unpatriotic rhetoric.  A few other soldiers stated that it was embarrassing for them and they were highly disappointed 

“I can tell you I’m ashamed and embarrassed right now,” one Guardsman said. ‘This isn’t the military I signed up for.”

“We had a lot of disappointed kiddos because of the National Guard being unwilling to allow a Humvee and a few soldiers to spend an hour at a Baptist Church,” said one Guardsman. “It makes we wonder what I’m actually fighting for.”

This is the fundamental change President Obama has been talking about, attacking Christians while allowing bowing to Islam. These soldiers couldn’t hang out with children at a church because it has to do with religion, but the Obama administration will bend every single guideline to appease islamists, such as shaving waivers for beards, to prayer time, and new head gear.

The line has been drawn in the sand…

“I don’t think most Americans realize how much their religious liberty is in jeopardy,” he said. “If they did this to us – how bad is it somewhere else? This is not just a big city issue. This is a small town America issue. Americans need to wake up.”

Via FoxNews

appeasement to non christian religions is obvious to soldiers in the military.

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