Government Confiscated Vet’s Entire Gun Collection and The Reason Is Shocking


From Mad World: “Gun confiscation could never happen here.” At least, that’s what many people often claim — but an eye-opening incident in Arizona has many supporters of constitutional rights shocked and outraged.

Rick Bailey is a retired U.S. Navy veteranwho has a hobby many Americans share: He enjoys collecting and shooting firearms.

His entire collection includes nearly 30 different firearms and is valued at $25,000. Of course, the right to keep and bear arms is protected by the Second Amendment.

Even in Bailey’s fairly gun-friendly city of Glendale, Arizona, however, it looks like that constitutional protection can be swept aside with disturbing ease.

Fairly recently, Rick Bailey had a small dispute with his neighbor. It’s the kind of thing that happens in neighborhoods everywhere.

The retired veteran was frustrated by large dump trucks being parked next door, where his neighbor runs a landscaping business.

“Around June he brought in two large dump trucks,” he explained. “It smelled like horse manure and it just wafted into our patio.”

Bailey complained to the city, but he claimed that it was a fairly minor issue. “We’ve had feuds, words, but neither one of us threatened each other,” he said.

The neighbor, however, apparently decided to take it to the next level. That person claimed that pictures had been taken on his property and that he felt threatened — and he filed a court Injunction Against Harassment against the Navy veteran.

That’s when Rick Bailey’s right to bear arms was pushed aside, and the governmentconfiscated every single one of his firearms.

“They were at my house at three o clock that afternoon, and it took them about three hours to inventory everything,” stated Bailey. “They took all my collectibles.”

“It was devastating, I couldn’t put it into words,” the veteran continued.

Attorney Russ Richelsoph told ABC 15 News that the confiscation of this veteran’s guns was done as a precaution and the action could be appealed… but the court’s actions raises many questions.

“I think they’re concerned that if they fail to take somebody’s firearms away, and then something violent happens, that they had the opportunity to prevent something dangerous and didn’t take that opportunity,” said Richelsoph.

The most pressing question is, where does that end?

By the same logic used by the attorney and the court, the government can take every firearm in America based only on the vague promise that violating the Second Amendment might “prevent something dangerous.”

It’s worth pointing out that Rick Bailey has reportedly not been charged with any actual crime. He has not been arrested. A neighbor claimed that they felt threatened — and men showed up to take every single one of a veteran’s guns.

What is your opinion: Is it in the court’s legal power to confiscate firearms in this situation, or have this veteran’s rights been trampled?

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