Governor Makes Idiotic Move By Turning Over All Registered Gun Owners For Federal Database

It begins.

After the Democrat crybabies in Congress failed to push through gun control (because, newsflash, nobody wants it except them) one of the most liberal States is taking measures into their own hands.

While Donald Trump was vilified for even floating the idea of a Muslim registry for anti-terrorism purposes, liberals are a-OK with a registry for gun owners.

BizPacReview reports:

This week Hawaii became this first state in the nation to turn over all of its gun owners to a federal database, but it hopes to be a model for other states to do the same.

The database, called “Rap Back,” is run by the FBI and informs police when a gun owner is arrested anywhere in the U.S., CNN reported.

“This will allow county police departments in Hawaii to evaluate whether the firearm owner may continue to legally possess and own firearms,” the state’s Democrat Gov. David Ige said in a statement.

“This is about our community’s safety and responsible gun ownership,” the statement read. “This system will better enable our law enforcement agencies to ensure the security of all Hawaii residents and visitors to our islands.”

The NRA responded:

I can’t think of a time that a gun registry had led to gun confiscation before. Except in Australia, Canada, Bermuda, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, and Ireland.

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