Gov’t Spends Over Half A Million Dollars On ‘Culturally-Appropriate’ Food Stamps For Muslims

Taking social welfare programs like food stamps often has a negative connotation so you would think most people who take it would take it without much fuss. But it appears the Obama administration feels the need to be culturally sensitive to the Muslim community in how they package their food subsidies. Because this of course is more important than say the refugee crisis, the war in Iraq, and the war against ISIL.

Refugees will begin to receive food subsidies that are deemed culturally appropriate fruits and vegetables. These are funded by the federal government. $564,321 is being allocated to the Department of Agriculture to an aid group helping refugees sign up for Supplemental Nutrition Assistant (SNAP) benefits

The USDA called it, “Fresh Fund: Leveraging investment for a healthier food system in refugee and immigrant communities. The purpose of the program is to “increase availability of locally-grown, culturally appropriate fruits and vegetables among refugee and immigrant populations.” Also, to set a benchmark ruler for the International Refugee Committee, a non profit organization, to enroll 3,100 people in Fresh Fund for approximately four years or more.

A half a million dollars is being spent to not hurt the feelings of people we are bringing into this country on taxpayer dollars. People who will have little to no background checks. The same people who will have Muslim men in their young twenties of fighting age. Meaning the government could very well be paying for food subsidies for a refugee that could turn into a terrorist.

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