Gramps Unleashes HELL With His Baton On Thugs Threatening His Family (VIDEO)


What happens when a construction or landscaping company doesn’t “call before you dig” and hits a gas line? Well, in this situation, a lot of people had to evacuate, the negligent company got billed about $30k from the gas company, the negligent company got mad and tried to bill the family, then the company owner sent his son to destroy property and threaten people!

The end result is an angry older gentleman who smashes out car windows when the company owner’s son drives around and threatens people.

Didn’t Epic Beard Man teach us NOT to ever mess with a much older gentleman? They’ve seen some things and they don’t play around.

Watch the video unravel here, where you can see gramps defend his family from a stank prick millennial.

This is from the Facebook post of gramps’ step-son, who was threatened.

My name is Tyler Stojan and I was born and raised in Grande Prairie. I am the owner operator of Vision Homes and a proud member of the community. Damian Dallynn, the son of the owner of All in One Landscaping, a B.C company, has and is conducting a fraudulent campaign against me, my family and my business.

FACT- All in One Landscaping were hired and paid in cash to landscape my neighbors yard, complete with retaining walls, lamp post and more in 2014. During construction- because they didn’t do the required call before you dig- hit the main gas line causing the subdivision to be evacuated.

At the time of the evacuation my concrete finisher had just placed the concrete for my sidewalks and because of the evacuation could not finish them until much later in the day and unfortunately could not do much to them. The owner of All In One landscaping agreed to reimburse me the funds I will need to do the repairs on my sidewalks. All In One Landscaping was additionally charged $30,000 by Atco Gas because of the damage and obvious disregard for construction rules.

In 2015 All In One landscaping started verbally harassing my neighbor, my concrete finisher and myself saying we still owed them money. My neighbor told them that they had been paid in full and to go away. To be clear, I have never hired All In One Landscaping to do any work for me or my company and clearly never will. The money that Murfield Donohue and Damien Dallyn are referring to is the money I received to allow me to repair my sidewalks.

In 2016, approximately a month ago. All In One landscaping ramped up the verbal threats on my neighbor and when he refused any further payment, were told they would be sorry. Within a matter of hours Murfield Donohue, Damian Dallyn and two others returned with a bobcat and did a demolition run destroying retaining walls, lamp posts and trees. Charges have been filed and a restraining order is in place. They have not yet been to court.

The owner of All In One Landscaping, Murfield Donohue once again sent his son Damion Dallyn to my personal residence last Saturday demanding money from me because I have not repaired my sidewalks. I informed him that I owe him nothing, and would be paying him nothing and to get off my property and not to come back. Damion proceeded to make threats to me and my family, also threatening to sue.

Again he was told to leave and not to come back. He drove away, only to return approximately 15 minutes later to do a slow drive by, then parked across from my driveway watching myself and my wife in the yard while I was cutting grass. We were very concerned about his attentions and whether he was armed. Our two small children were in the house.

If they were willing to round up numerous people and a bobcat to cause so much damage and destruction who knows how far they would take it. I stuck to the plan and called the RCMP as well as my parents, my step father came over right away.

The rest is the video that you have all seen and judged. My step father seen on the video told Damian his name, waited for the RCMP and cooperated fully and has been charged.

FACT- An hour after this incident a boulder was thrown through the front door of my office with a note attached saying “ Please my children are everything! What you did endangers them. They are all that we got. Pay backs a bitch”

I have handed in video surveillance footage to the RCMP and they have fingerprinted the note and are awaiting the results.

This sounds like a company run by idiots who are attempting to fear monger money out of people.

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