Frail Grandma Rolls Into WRONG Aisle In Walmart, Had No Clue What Was Coming When She Saw What Hoodrat Was Doing There

A 75-year-old grandmother rolled into the wrong aisle of Walmart. When she rolled out, she was covered in blood, bruises, and beat up! It’s not every day that you take a turn to the bread aisle and get jacked up by a racist person who has no respect for the elderly.

It was all sunshine and fun when Sandra McClung set off to gather some bread at the local Walmart. But that wrong turn into the bread aisle is what got her beat up. As she turned down the aisle, she almost collided with another shopper. That shopper is a racist heathen who verbally abused McClung and called her a “WHITE B*TCH” – all because the Grandmother was in her way and the heathen was unable to reach the bread.

Shocked, the granny rolled away but muttered back “you’re the b*tch” and you know a black girl isn’t playing around when you call them a B*TCH. Words turned into fists and the old lady got beat up. She left Walmart covered in her own blood, barely able to speak as her face was annihilated by the racist degenerate in the Atlanta Walmart.

An elderly grandmother in a wheelchair has been left with horrific bruises after a shopper beat her in the bread aisle of a Walmart store.

Sandra McClung, 75, was doing her grocery shopping in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday in a motorized cart when another woman almost collided with her in the aisle.

McClung told police the woman, since identified as Alexis Venderburg, yelled an expletive at her as she told her to move her motorized shopping cart.

Her arms were also severely bruised as she tried to shield the incoming punches.

‘She kept socking me in my glasses, and then hitting me in my mouth,’ McClung said.

McClung told police her attacker fled the store after the attack but accidentally dropped her cell phone in the elderly woman’s shopping cart.

Hilarious grandma meme to make us feel better about a horrible crime.

HA! The heathen dropped her phone! SUCKA! I wonder what else is on that cell phone! Probably some drug deals, twerks, and nudes. Cops should release it for fun. Or not, would hate to see police officers lose their job over a wretched scallywag from Atlanta.

It’s very disturbing to see an old person get beat up. They’re not exactly the most competitive in a fist fight. You can hit a 75-year-old wherever you want and they can’t really fight back. They’re old. They’ve done lost their reflexes. Whatever scrapping this lady could’ve done 40 years ago, she can’t do anymore.

It bothers me when people beat up senior citizens because there’s just no point in attacking them. Unless they molest a family member or commit a sick crime, then there’s nothing to gain from harming them. It’s like punching a pillow, only the old person screams more and pillows don’t bleed.

There are certain things you don’t do. Beating up an old person is something you don’t do.

Please note: the crazy looking person in the picture above is NOT who beat up the older woman. That is for illustration purposes only. The real perpetrator has not been caught yet. Police know who she is, but have been unable to locate her. I imagine she must look a little crazy if she’s beating up old folks.

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