Grandpa Shot Live On Facebook Was Walking, But Where He Just Come From Will Bring You To Your Knees

Yesterday we were all shocked to hear that an elderly man was shot and killed in broad daylight. It was a murder that stunned us all and especially that it happened on Easter Sunday. The victim was Robert Godwin Sr., a 74-year-old former foundry worker, and a grandfather.

Godwin was walking down the street when Steven Stephens drove up to him and shot him. What was even more disgusting was that Stephens broadcasted this video on Facebook Live. Currently, the police are still searching for this heinous individual but is still at large.

Though what makes this story even more tragic is where this innocent man was coming from. According to Cleaveland police Godwin was on his way home from enjoying Easter dinner with his family. 

Godwin’s son told police that Robert was a father of 10 children and a grandfather of 14 grandchildren. His son also said that Robert was a gentle and good man and there was nothing mean about him.

Godwin was picking up cans in a plastic shopping bag on his way home from Easter dinner when he was killed. Godwin’s daughter, Debbie Godwin said this was something he enjoyed to do.

Robert Godwin had 14 grandchildren.

“Not because he needed the money, it was just something he did, that’s all he was doing. He wasn’t harming anyone.”

Debbie also added that he liked to fix items that were broke. “We called him the junk man,” she said. “He’d pick up things off the street and fix them. He picked up bikes and he fixed them.”

At the present, the killer Steven Stephens is still at large and is considered to be armed and dangerous. The motive for this senseless killing is still a mystery, but according to Facebook posts by the killer, it could be triggered from a recent break-up.

Right before Stephens pulled the trigger he told Robert Godwin to say the name “Joy Lane”. Stephens then told the grandfather of 14 that she was the reason he was going to kill Godwin.

Steven Stephens is still at large and considered to be armed and dangerous.

According to

Investigators said the killing appeared to be random. Godwin Sr.’s son said he did not know Stephens or Joy Lane, a woman with whom Stephens said he was having relationship issues.

Stephens was still at large late Sunday, and a large manhunt was underway to capture him. Stephens posted several claims, through Facebook status updates and live videos, that he killed up to 15 people, though Cleveland police Chief Calvin Williams said Sunday that no other shooting victims have been found that could be connected to Stephens.

Nevertheless, police were searching vacant homes on Cleveland’s East Side for possible additional victims.

Joy Lane has recently come forward and has confirmed that she is safe and not harmed.

Joy Lane posted that she is safe and with the police.

I truly hope that they are able to bring this monster in quickly without any more bloodshed. However, what I am finding to be frustrating is that he has not been found. Now, there are reports that he has Mulsim ties in the community. I actually am wondering if this could be a setup and they are helping Stephens elude the police.

Either way, I pray for the Godwin family as they are in absolute hell. No one should have to go through such a horrific event and to have it broadcasted on social media too.

This is story still devloping and we will bring you the latest details as they come available.

H/T [ The Sun ]

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