Granny With AK-47 Came Out Blazing, Saves Cops Lives After Street Gang Ambushes


YES! This woman is about to become one of America’s FAVORITE Grandmas!

There is no greater testament to the need and purpose for our 2nd Amendment then this example right here! There were blue lives at stake up against a mob of thugs and a 79-year old woman came to the rescue, equipped with her 2A rights!

Just yesterday Officers of the LAPD got perfectly timed, and much needed back-up when they found themselves in a firefight with local LA gang members.

Officer Ricardo Cordova and Frank Cho responded to a call of a suspected drug deal in a parking lot. Upon arrival bullets started flying! They came under fire from several local street gang members.

Officers Ricardo Cordova and Frank Cho
Officers Ricardo Cordova and Frank Cho

Both Officers knew in that moment that things were not going to turn out for well for them, and the situation went from bad to worse when several more shooters showed up to the scene. The amount of firepower they had between the two of them vs the amount coming together to take them out…equaled deadly odds.

Then out of NOWHERE, a little elderly woman showed up equipped with a bullet proof vest and an AK-47 rifle literally RUNNING to the Police Officers’ rescue. She fired off more than 160 rounds at the mob of thugs and scared them off…but not all of them got away unharmed. She injured 2! Shortly after those a-holes were arrested!

This happy ending brings me so much joy! This woman is a hero and one of the very best kind…

The kind that throws up middle fingers to ALL ‘gun control’ lovers…

THIS IS WHY PEOPLE! Not only does it show that we can protect ourselves and others if we have our right to arms…but did you pay attention to what happened to the bad guys?

They were high and mighty when it was them against 2 police officers…then she showed up and they scattered! Why? They still outnumbered the Police Officers even after she joined them…

I’ll tell you why..

Because BRAVERY and armed citizens SCARE bad guys! Police Officers have to follow a certain set of guidelines…but you get an armed citizen living by their 2nd Amendment and all the sudden bad guys can’t predict the outcome…

The unknown scares them to death!

THAT my friends, is what keeps them at bay, and prevents crime. The unknown. Here is a little something that should put what I’m trying to say into perspective…


I’m going to say it again, this woman is a hero, and I hope she gets treated as such!

Also…here’s what she said about the whole ordeal. I bet you’ll love her even more after you hear this…

“There was ten of twelve of these scumbags, firing with Uzis and shotguns at these two poor officers who had only pistols, so I really had to do something,” she says. “I got my vest and gun, a few extra clips of ammo, and I went out the house. As soon as I began shooting at them, the look on these thugs’ face changed and they began to run for their lives. The policemen also seemed really surprised to see me, but they were definitely relieved when they saw I was there to help them.”

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