[GRAPHIC VIDEO] The ‘Clearest 9/11’ Video Goes Viral…


I remember seeing this footage in 2013. It is jarring and certainly brings back that fateful day. The video shows the aftereffects of the first tower being hit. That morning, I watched it happen and tears were streaming down my face. I remember thinking we were at war and knowing that I had friends who were surely dead there. It was something you never forget.

They are saying this is the “clearest 9/11 video” that anyone has ever seen and that may very well be true. Nothing can match my memory of the events of that day. It is something that will haunt me… along with the justice that was never meted out to those truly behind the attack – Saudi Arabia and Iran… for the rest of my days. 15 long years and it is just like it happened yesterday.

From the Conservative Post:

Footage posted to YouTube in February 2013 was rediscovered by Reddit on Wednesday, where it was dubbed the “clearest 9/11 video” anyone had ever seen.

According to the YouTube description, the footage begins 19 seconds after the first plane crashed into the North Tower. It was filmed at the Independence School on Greenwich Street by Jim Huibregtse.

The first ten minutes show smoke billowing out of the hole in the North Tower. Though Huibregtse stopped filming prior to the second impact, he captured the aftermath approximately 11 minutes and 22 seconds into the footage.

About 15 minutes into the footage, the South Tower collapses, enveloping the surrounding area in dust clouds. Perhaps the most disturbing clip comes at the 21 minute mark, when people begin to jump out of windows on the 95th floor. This is where the iconic ‘falling man’ picture comes from I believe. The video was archived and published through the Freedom of Information Act.

The horror of the planes hitting… the sheer grief of watching people jump to their deaths because of the fire. Then when the buildings fell it was far worse. The stories of heroism and courage rocked my world. And now, there are many in America who don’t even know or care about that black day when almost 3,000 people lost their lives because of Islamic terrorism.

People go to the memorial and laugh and goof off. They take selfies and pose for the camera. A group of Brits who work at a Wall Street bank took a sex doll to Ground Zero yesterday supposedly for a bachelor party. It’s disgraceful and it makes your blood boil. Would they do that at Auschwitz?

I lost friends and family that day. There is nothing good that came out of it… just tragedy, loss and grief. This wound will never heal in America. And it may be fatal.

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.