Greedy Illegal Alien Just Got His Butt Kicked After Judge Discovers SICK Thing He Was Secretly Doing To Everyone

On almost a daily basis, we read disturbing headlines of crimes illegal immigrant scum keep committing after sneaking their way into our country. With absolutely zero respect for the land they’re invading, many of these morons turn to a life of crime as they search for ways to stick it to the American people. As liberals continue to advocate for these people, asserting that they’re just like you and me and simply trying to make their way in the world, a disturbing story coming out of Massachusetts will make you a firm believer that every last one of these idiots need to be rounded up and deported as soon as humanly possible.

After coming to America illegally, 49-year-old Martin B. Santiago soon began to plotting about sinister ways to make money with little regard for the damage that his crimes would cause. The Dominican national soon came up with a scam with several local convince store owners in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where over the course of several years, they’d run a massive food stamp money laundering scheme where they’d go on to pocket more than $2.5 million dollars from their illegal activities.

Santiago’s activities soon caught the eye of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, after investigators became suspicious when their sales were unusually high for a convenience store. Following an investigation, federal agents discovered the huge scheme, and charged Santiago with trafficking in EBT benefits, money laundering, larceny, and conspiracy to commit larceny. Santiago was initially held on a half a million dollar bail, where he later assigned to house arrest and equipped with a GPS monitoring apparatus after someone footed his bail money.

But after being scheduled to appear in court last week for his criminal trial, that’s when things took a very disturbing twist. Being the hardened criminal that he is, Santiago decided he wasn’t going down with a fight. And rather than facing a judge and learning his fate, he decided to cut his ankle bracelet off, where he’s now become a fugitive of the law. Now the entire Boston area is on high alert in anticipation of what the illegal has planned, as he makes it his sole mission in life to never spend a day behind bars.

District attorney Christina Roman shows the court a visual breakdown of the crimes

When people are willing to break the law to come into our country, this story further proves that many of them have no qualms about breaking the law again, as they’ve proven to us they have no respect for our country’s laws. If this moron is willing to run from federal authorities by skipping bail and cutting off his ankle bracelet in order to avoid doing hard time, what else is he willing to do?

Breitbart has more:

Martin B. Santiago, a 49-year-old from the Dominican Republic did not show up for his criminal trial in Essex Superior Court on Thursday. He faces charges of fraudulently selling food stamps and laundering money out of his three stores in Lawrence, Massachusetts, the Boston Herald reported

The local newspaper reported Santiago to be an “illegal immigrant.”

When Santiago did not come to court, state investigators found that he “forcibly removed” the GPS monitoring apparatus about 6 a.m. that morning, the Boston newspaper reported.

Despite being an illegal immigrant, court officials released the Dominican national on a $75,000 cash bond.

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) investigators became suspicious of Santiago, and his co-conspirators, after his stores reported counter sales they said were unusually high for a convenience store.

The USDA oversees the food stamp program. Investigators found the majority of their individual sales in amounts greater than $100, the Eagle Tribunereported following Santiago’s arrest in 2015.

“These are small convenience stores with no (grocery) carriages and a small checkout area,” Assistant District Attorney Philip Mallard told the Eagle Tribune. “It’s hard to get to $100 in groceries without a carriage.”

The stores also had unusual sales-to-expense ratios, investigators said. The USDA reported Santiago’s businesses ran $2.19 million in food stamp sales over a three-year period. However, their expenses for inventory costs only totaled $300,000.

“It’s an astronomical rate of return for a convenience store,” Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said in a statement reported by the Eagle Tribune.




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