Greedy Muslim Who Made $100 Mil Demand Of Little Caesars Just Learned How They Feel About Islam With What They Did

And now I’ve heard it all. A “Religion of Peace” follower and his covered from head to toe wife are trying to shake down an American pizza company for 100 million dollars in the new Islamic city of Detroit Michigan. Because of all things, they served his Muslim behind a pork pepperoni pizza instead of halal beef pepperoni pizza.

What possible sin could this Pizza Restaurant have done to merit the wrath of this peaceful Muslim? They served his Muslim behind a pork pepperoni pizza instead of halal beef pepperoni pizza.

The upset Muslim, in this case, hit Little Caesar’s Pizza with a 100 million dollar lawsuit for trying to pass off pork as halal meat. The “Peaceful Muslim” stated Little Caesar’s Pizza cannot get away with such an act. He pointed out the “Halal Pepperoni” fluorescent sign hanging from the store’s window.

He went on to state that the sign leads diners to believe that their halal pizzas contain no pork.

Little Ceasar’s released a statement, “Little Caesars cherishes our customers from all religions and cultures, and the communities we serve are very important to us. While we can’t comment on pending litigation, we take this claim very seriously. At this time, we believe it is without merit.”So Little Caesars basically called this Muslim scumbag what he is, a liar. But that’s ok because Islam does let you lie to “Infidels” such as Little Caesar’s Pizza.

But interestingly enough, the more we learn about the case the more it looks like Little Ceasar’s assessment is correct. Apparently, the Muslim man went into the store to order a pizza expecting that the person who took his order would know he wanted a “halal” version.  I bet if the employee would have given him a halal pizza without him asking he would be suing for stereotyping him as a Muslim.

He honestly couldn’t tell the difference? Beef curls up and is darker in color after cooked.

The Truth about Halal:

Experiments for measuring the heart frequency and brain activity during slaughter conditions were carried out on 23 sheep and 15 calves. After implanting permanent electrodes into the Os frontale the cerebral cortex impulses were measured for 17 sheep and 10 calves during ritual slaughter and for 6 sheep and 5 calves during captive bolt application with subsequent bloodletting. Some sheep were additionally subjected to thermal pain stimuli after the ritual cut.

The investigations had the following results:

a) For slaughter by ritual cut:

1. After the bloodletting cut the EEG initially is the same as the EEG before the cut. There is a high probability that the loss of reaction took place within 4 – 6 seconds for sheep and within 10 seconds for calves.

2. The zero line in the EEG was recorded no later than after 13 seconds for 17 sheep and no later than 23 seconds for 7 calves.

3. Thermal pain stimuli did not cause an increase in activity.

4. After the cut the heart frequency rose for calves within 40 seconds to 240 heart actions per minute and for sheep within 40 seconds to 280 heart actions per minute.

b) For slaughter after captive bolt application:

1. After captive bolt stunning all animals displayed most severe general disturbances (waves of 1-2 Hz) in the EEG, which almost with certainty eliminates a sense of pain.

2. The zero line in the EEG was reached for 4 calves after 28 seconds.

3. For two sheep the cerebral cortex activity only stopped in one half of the brain, whilst it continued in the other in the –region (up to 3.5 Hz) until the bloodletting cut.

4. The bloodletting cut resulted for all animals in a brain activity (e and d waves).

5. Thermal pain stimuli caused an increase in activity in one sheep.

6. The heart frequency rose directly after stunning to values above 300 actions per minute.

In summary the following conclusions are possible:

1. Slaughter after captive bolt stunning

A. Calves

After captive bolt stunning most severe general disturbances (waves of 1-2 Hz) occurred in the EEG, which almost with certainty eliminates a sense of pain.

B. Sheep

Similar disturbances were also seen in sheep, but besides the somewhat higher frequency there are still clearly superimposed waves. For one animal waves could be recorded after pain stimuli until after the 200th second. Apparent cramps were registered for all sheep with the exception of one animal.

2. Slaughter in the form of ritual cut

A. Calves

After the bloodletting cut loss of reaction (loss of consciousness) occurred with high probability within 10 seconds. A clear reaction to the cut could not be detected in any animal. For 7 animals a zero EEG was recorded no later than after 23 seconds. Cramps occurred in the animals regularly only after the brain currents had stopped.

B. Sheep

After the bloodletting cut loss of reaction (loss of consciousness) occurred after 10 seconds the latest. A clear reaction to the cut could not be detected in any animal. The zero line was recorded no later than 14 seconds after the cut. Cramps only occurred after the zero line had been detected and were much shorter than after captive bolt stunning.

The slaughter in the form of ritual cut is, if carried out properly, painless in sheep and calves according to the EEG recordings and the missing defensive actions.

During the experiments with captive bolt stunning no indications could be found for proscribing this method for calves.

For sheep, however, there were in parts severe reactions both to the bloodletting cut and the pain stimuli. A proof of the reliable effectiveness of captive bolt stunning could not be provided using the methods applied.

These first experiments carried out under clinical conditions, and the insights for the correlations of sensory physiology during stunning/slaughter of small ruminants, initially lead to the following factual and legal considerations for the preparation of legislation:

These experiments on sheep and calves carried out within a clinic show that, during a ritual slaughter, carried out according to the state of the art, using hydraulically operated tilting equipment and a ritual cut, pain and suffering to the extent as has since long been generally associated in public with this kind of slaughter cannot be registered; the ritual slaughter carried out under these experimental conditions complies with the requirements of article 4 para. 1 TierSchG. The EEG zero line – as a certain sign of the expiration of cerebral cortex activity and according to today’s state of knowledge also of consciousness – occurred generally within considerably less time than during the slaughter method after captive bolt stunning.

Nobody can dispute that any slaughter of animals is an aesthetically loaded process. Thus the wide-spread emotional resistance to kill an animal, which has not been stunned, by cutting the throat, is understandable. Certainly the psychological argument for stunning the animal to be slaughtered must be considered to some degree for the person carrying out the slaughter or consuming the meat of these animals. Whether these initial findings of objective data on the processes of “consciousness/pain” made possible by the research brief are sufficient to somewhat alter existing opinions in the sense of the scientific orientation of animal welfare as demanded by the TierSchG, remains to be seen. They need to be followed as a high priority by further investigations in the continuation of the scientific clarification of the issues of loss of pain and consciousness during slaughter of this kind with and without stunning using the same experimental approach with a representative number of grown cows of various breeds. A new research brief is already due to be issued to a different scientific institute.

Why are we even catering to these people? Halal meats should be illegal in this country, Period. They cause undue suffering to the animal and that’s downright barbaric. Like most everything “Peace Loving Muslims” do.

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