Green Beret Announces Baby’s Sex, But Liberals Are Furious After They Notice His Hands


Haha! This is so damn amazing! Libs freak out over the stupidest stuff. An awesome creative way to celebrate bringing a life into this world, and libs are worried about what was in the Green Beret’s hands. Nuts!

Announcing the sex of your child is a joyous moment for any expecting parent. However, when this Green Beret decided to make that announcement, liberals came at him hard.

Keith Batchelder, a service member with the U.S. Army Special Forces, took a series of photos with his fiancée to announce the gender of their child, liberals noticed his hands and immediately went into panic mode, taking to social media to publicly criticize the couple.

Batchelder and his fiancée, Jamie Indiveri, wanted to announce the gender of their first child in a way that was a representation of the couple themselves. They also wanted to do something that they had not seen before.

So the Green Beret father had a brilliant stroke of genius … and it went off with a bang.

The couple decided to show a series of photos to illustrate the gender reveal story. One showed a box that had “It’s a” written on it. Next to that was the Navarre, Florida, couple on a blanket a short distance away from the box.

The way Batchelder was positioned, lying on his stomach and his hands in front of him is what sent liberals mad. What Batchelder had in his hands, as another photo revealed, was a rifle. What viewers also didn’t know was that inside the box were explosives.

The powder plume that was going to be released from the box once it was shot would be either pink or blue to say if they were expecting a boy or a girl.

He aimed, he fired, and boom! The plume was blue.


How fantastic! This is one lucky guy to have a fiancée who would go along with this! If it were a lib, granola chick, she’d probably call the cops!

A beautifully creative way to show the gender, and then a final photo showing the couple in a loving embrace in the midst of the blue powder. They are having a boy!

Anti-gunners came at the couple hard, with many people thinking that the child would then endure child abuse as it became older. But the couple remained steadfast. His fiancée commented on the situation, letting everyone know that Batchelder is an excellent marksman.

“His friends and teammates in Special Forces, who are all highly trained in advanced marksmanship, would never had let him live it down if he missed!” Iniveri stated.

What was unexpected though was that some people were upset at the fact that there was even a gender announcement at all, stating that it is more of a representation until this child decides what gender it “identifies” with.

It is crazy what our world has come to. Tolerance has given way to forceful propagation of liberal ideology. It is no longer about being tolerant of individuals who claim identify with certain propensities, e.g., homosexual lifestyles or gender-identity choices.

Instead it is being forced on everyone else to be neutral until a fetus decides if it likes its privates or not. This is insane. We don’t even want to think about what the liberal agenda has in store next …

A big Hoorah to the Army couple. A big BOO to the libs who attacked them! What a bunch of whiny SJWs!
Keith & Jamie’s boy is gonna turn out just fine. He’ll probably grow up to be a marksman thanks to his dad! Perfect!


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