US Army Green Beret Gets Into A Fight And Teaches This Man A BRUTAL Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget (VIDEO)

If there was ever any doubt about how badass American military personnel are, then look no further at this video. The video shows a member of the Peruvian special forces as he challenges an American Green Beret to a fight. It shows the Peruvian man challenging the American to a fight after trash talking him. He quickly found out that was a huge mistake.

The two exchange a few words as other members of the soccer team look, laugh, and watch on. When the Peruvian man rushes the American the American pushes his face away with just one of his hands. The Peruvian man starts running away.

As he runs away he starts to wobble around and hold his face. Eventually, he falls down and two of his teammates have to help him down and the next up. Many of his teammates can be heard laughing in the background about how the American soldier was able to take him down with only one finger.

Those who commented on the video agreed how impressive it was. Nothing compares to the training, the prowess, or the might of the American military or especially its special forces. It is why we remain the best in the entire world.

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