Green Beret Who Stood Next To Kaepernick During National Anthem Protest Is Speaking Up

Colin Kaepernick once again didn’t stand for the national anthem when it played and decided to sit on Thursday. It took place when his team’s opponents, the San Diego Chargers, celebrated their “Salute the Military” night. This time he took a knee instead. All because of Green Beret veteran Nate Boyer who stood beside him.

Boyer was deployed to war zones on multiple occasions and was once signed as a free agent by the Seattle Seahawks before the 2015 season. However, he didn’t make the final cut as a 34-year-old rookie.

He originally commented on Kaepernick’s decision to sit during the Star Spangled Banner. So he decided to invite Kaepernick to meet with him prior to the football game on Thursday.

Boyer told the Independent Journal Review,

He sent a car to drive me down. And before our meeting started, the very first thing he did was thank me for my service. In our hour and a half meeting, we talked about everything. I told him how his choice to not stand has affected the veteran community. But I also took the time to listen to him.

I suggested that maybe there’s a way to find some middle ground so what he did doesn’t seem so offensive to veterans. To help paint a clearer picture, I showed him some of the texts some people sent me about how they were really upset about it.”

He admitted that the two came to a detente of sorts, an agreement in which Kaepernick wouldn’t sit during the anthem.

We came to compromise about him taking a knee. Kaepernick also asked me to take a knee. But I put my hand over my heart and sing the words, that’s what I do, so I declined.”

However, Boyer said he was willing to stand beside Kaepernick to show America that he was ready and willing to listen to show the appearance of a united front. He maintained he doesn’t agree with Kaepernick’s gesture. But enjoyed and liked very much his willingness to compromise.

He mentioned that he hopes Kaepernick does the right thing in the end.

I was hoping he would stand up. But you know what I thought, this is a perfect snapshot of America. Right now, we are very divided. But the fact that we were willing to be side-by-side in the moment and have that conversation, that’s the first step to actually getting somewhere.”

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