WATCH: Greta Sitting In Her Home Issues URGENT Plea To Every God-Loving American (VIDEO)

Not long after Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros left Fox News, Greta Van Susteren abruptly departured as well. She had a clause in her contract that would allow her to leave if Roger Ailes did, and she left soon after his resignation, stating that she didn’t feel like Fox had been home for a while now.

Instead of moving to another cable news studio, her new studio is her living room, and the camera is the one built into her cell phone.

She joked “Remember me?” at the opening of a Facebook Live session last Saturday, telling viewers she’ll keep producing the videos as long as people watch. And they’re watching – more intently than they watched on Fox News, too. On a video uploaded Tuesday morning, she racked up nearly 40,000 viewers in the first half-hour. A video Van Susteren posted Monday morning has been viewed  nearly two million times, and the aforementioned “remember me” video from Saturday has nearly five million.

Her audience is more engaged and spreading.

One of her most recent videos is worth watching. As the Conservative Post reported:

On the 15th anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, she issued a statement—a question to all of us on her Facebook page.

As she lamented her personal recollection of that fateful day, Van Susteren asked a necessary question, “What happened to us?”

The response to the video was overwhelmingly positive.

“Thank you, Greta. I wish we all felt like we are Americans, first and foremost. And that we are all in this together. United we stand, divided we fall” read one comment. “I think you need to be back on tv. Your the only one that makes any sense!! Thank God for Facebook for this reason so that you can still share what you have to say. Thanks Greta…..” she read another. Greta replied to the second comment that “if any network calls me, I will gladly return to TV. If not, I will do something else.”

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