Grocery Store Worker Who Wore Kaepernick Jersey To Work On 9/11 Gets DESTROYED By His Boss

Sixteen-year-old Elijah Scott of Ohio is a Kroger employee who wore a Colin Kaepernick jersey to his companies “Wear a Football Jersey to Work Day.” He did this on September 11th no less.

He sparked quite a bit of controversy by doing so.

Scott was angered because his boss sent him home after a customer complained to the manager they would never shop their again because of his attire.

imageKaepernick’s jersey is obviously controversial because of his decision to sit or kneel during the national anthem instead of stand. Many people have been outraged over it. Scott’s mother Diana Scott was livid too and called the manager directly.

She said,

They should’ve stood up for their employee and just let that customer go. My son didn’t do anything wrong.”

His manager responded,

It was September 11th and Elijah was on company time and would not be allowed to disrespect customers.”


People are saying Scott’s right to free speech was violated and many have urged Kroger to publicly apologize to the teen. Activist and journalist Shaun Kimg wrote,

This is outrageous, but not surprising. Elijah’s treatment is similar to what many African-Americans experience in this country on a daily basis. Day in and day out, conservatives rave about their constitutional rights, but when African-Americans have those same rights trampled upon, they go silent and seem to not care at all. Daily, conservatives go on and on about their right to bear arms, but African-Americans who are seen by police with a weapon, or even a shadow of a weapon, are often shot and killed on contact.”

Some disagree with that sentiment,

Why apologize? They were just showing patriotism. Only in 21st century America do you have to apologize for patriotism,” wrote a person on the Facebook page of a TMZ article.

TMZ reported that Kroger did eventually apologize to the young teen. However, it’s unknown if the manager will be disciplined. One Kroger representative and spokesperson said,

We are proud and privileged to employ a workforce and to serve a customer base as diverse as America. We are aware of this situation and have apologized to Elijah and his mother. Diversity, inclusion and respect are among our company’s core values and ones we strive to live up to every day.”

What is your opinion? Was the manager right or wrong? Post your comments below.

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