Group Of Female Black Lives Thugs Brutally Attacks Woman… Then Write SICK Message On Her Forehead


via CT: A teenage woman in Ohio was taken to a dangerous location by her now ex-boyfriend, when she was jumped by six women. Proud of their deeds, the assailants posted a video of the crime.

According to reports, 19-year-old Cheyanne Willis was taken to a parking lot belonging to a suburban Cincinnati mall. Hey boyfriend, Quincy Gardner, 20, drove her, and upon their arrival, a group of six women, of whom she knew only two, began to assault her. The gang slammed her head against the car, shaved her head, and attacked her one by one.

In the video posted after the attack, Willis is heard begging the women to stop hurting her, but they, of course, ignored it. The women can also be seen using eyeliner to write “I got my ass whooped” on Willis’ forehead, and each of them signed their name on it like a trophy.

Just prior to leaving, they stole her purse, which had about $50 and a cellphone. They also destroyed her driver’s license and told Willis that if she reported the incident to the police, they’d kill her.

Both Gardner and 21-year-old Cheyenne Fisher were arrested and charged with robbery.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail,Willis said she believed the reason for the attack was connected to a car. She had been trying to buy a car and remembered one of the attackers as the potential seller.

In a Facebook post, Cheyenne Fisher claimed Willis was trying to “steal” her car and that she “slapped her up” to get even, the Daily Mail reported.

“I wanted to just die,” Willis said. “I really wish they would have killed me. I don’t want to be here no more, honestly.”

“I’m traumatized. I jump at every noise I hear. I have dreams. I don’t want to leave my mom’s side. I’m humiliated. I’m scared to show my face if I’m out.”

The video of the attack has since been deleted by YouTube.

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