Group Of Protesters Start Screaming After Getting The ‘Patriot Wedgie’ By Extremely Pissed Off Trump Supporter

This is the perfect way to start your morning. Wake up and find out a skinny jean Antifa boy got owned in the most American way possible. To top that off with a chaser of freedom, we have #Based Stickman right behind this pleasant supporter of America for the most illustrious backup you could ask for.

Patriots of America were gathered for a Trump rally in Berkeley, California. Minding their own business, showing support for Americans and President Trump. Then the turds arrived. They started fights. Pepper sprayed people. And that was it. People have had enough and now they’re fighting back and WINNING!!!

This is how you deal with the Antifa protesters.


Ultra impressive patriot wedgie photo taken from this Facebook Group.

What is Antifa? A conglomerate of bitter beta males and fish face feminists who hate America, think everyone else is racist, Fascist, (insert word here)-ist, and they disturb anything that involves free speech.  Ironic, right? They want the right to protest and say what they want, but no one else can? When they protest other people’s events, they always start fights, hurt women, and pepper spray people. Then they get beat up and pepper sprayed back. It’s like they show up and attack people because they enjoy getting beat up. They’re the kind of people who take liberal arts majors and can only get jobs sweeping Starbucks bathrooms. They’re not even allowed to make the frapuccino. I believe they’re also the kind of people who choke themselves during self pleasure. Once in a while you find one dead on a doorknob, pants off, hanging from a belt, because they took it too far. In other words, they hate Trump, hate America, and hate themselves.

When Trump crowds host rallies, they should be able to hold their rally in peace. When anti-Trump crowds have their events, no one cares and barely anyone shows up to disturb it. You could have an anti-Trump rally everyday and I wouldn’t care. That’s YOUR right to gather in peaceful protest.

Except the problem is that leftists don’t always participate in peaceful protests. This picture is a prime example. The Trump fans were having their event in Berkeley, when all of a sudden all these twerps showed up and started yelling and fighting with Trump fans! If they stayed home, none of this would have ever happened. Nothing. No fights. No arrests. No one getting hurt and waking up the next day wondering how and why some guy cracked a stick over your head so hard that the stick BROKE.

When you show up for a fight, then at least know how to fight. If you can’t then an American loving patriot will hoist your knickers so far up your bum that you won’t be able to pull your democrat head out of your butt.

If the leftists keep showing up at our events, then we keep beating them down until they stay away.

I always stay away from leftist events. You know why? Because they have a right to gather and even though I don’t agree with them, it’s their right. Who am I to step on their rights? No one. I’m no lawmaker and I’m not a protester.

When conservatives have their events, then the leftists need to stay away. If they show up starting fights, then they’re going to lose every time. Just stop the nonsense already. It’s pointless and accomplishes nothing but a loss of respect for your party. No one respects democrats anymore and this is a huge reason why.

Here’s my pick for the theme song of the PATRIOT WEDGIE.

Just pull those old undies up their crack… I’ll beat you down and send you home with a smack…

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