CNN & The Guardian Publish 100% FAKE Story – “Assange In Bed With Trump & Putin” – MSM Spreading As True!

From the depths of the dummy brains over on the lefty liberal side of town, comes more of that popular fake news nonsense!

This time the fake news comes from The Guardian and they posted an article about Julian Assange being buddies with Trump and Putin because it fits the leftist agenda.

It’s one thing to exaggerate a story to make it more entertaining, but to outright tell a BS story to your loyal readers is typical leftist lies at its best. This is called ripping off the consumer and screwing your loyal readers.

Considering that the site in question, The Guardian, is one of the top 200 websites in the world, it’s a shock to see they permit their dummy writer to post a completely nonsense story. What does a top 200 website need to BS people for? They already have a massive audience, so why are they relying on shady tactics to gain cheap clicks from their readers? You expect people to trust your website when you’re posting totally fake articles just to scam readers out of clicks so you can earn income based on their readership?

I’m embarrassed to share the Internet with these clowns. At this point they should just sign over the rights of ownership to me and I’ll take care of the rest.

We like to write exciting titles that get you worked up, but our articles always lead to the source and come with a real story. This nonsense posted by the Guardian is typical liberal leftist lies and trash. I’m surprised the dopey writer didn’t have a box of tissues and a map of local safe spaces at the end of this dreck.

Here’s a run down of the fake news story posted by the Guardian.


The Intercept – The shoddy and misleading Guardian article, written by Ben Jacobs, was published on December 24. It made two primary claims — both of which are demonstrably false. The first false claim was hyped in the article’s headline: “Julian Assange gives guarded praise of Trump and blasts Clinton in interview.” This claim was repeated in the first paragraph of the article: “Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has offered guarded praise of Donald Trump. …”

The second claim was an even worse assault on basic journalism. Jacobs set up this claim by asserting that Assange “long had a close relationship with the Putin regime.” The only “evidence” offered for this extraordinary claim was that Assange, in 2012, conducted eight interviews that were broadcast on RT. With the claimed Assange-Putin alliance implanted, Jacobs then wrote: “In his interview with la Repubblica, [Assange] said there was no need for WikiLeaks to undertake a whistleblowing role in Russia because of the open and competitive debate he claimed exists there.”

Here’s a link to the fake news story posted by the Guardian.

Now you know what Internet dogsh*t looks like.

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