LIBERAL STUPIDITY: Massive Gun Control Demanded After Ohio Islamic Terror Attack

This week, Ohio State University was rocked by a terrorist attack, in which a Somali refugee tried to use his car to run people over before jumping out and going on a stabbing spree. Thankfully, no one was killed except for the terrorist himself.

Liberals were quick to rush to exploit the attack, though. And while no guns were used in the attack, they’re still using the incident to push their anti-gun agenda.

It doesn’t seem to matter to them that a gun was not used by the suspect at any point in time. Gun control would not have prevented this attack. But they’re still insisting that this attack “proves” that we need gun control.

Consider these moronic tweets:



Via Conservative Daily Post:

Ohio State University was rocked by an incident today in which a Muslim attacked and injured eight people on the campus grounds. Thankfully everyone that was attacked is expected to survive. As a result of the attack, all classes were cancelled.

Naturally this type of attack shakes people to the core. They are scared, anxious, and worried about how this could have happened. Except the Democrats have found something else to use this attack for. They have managed to turn this incident into yet another debate on gun control.

What had happened was a Muslim used a car and drove up onto the sidewalk where he had hit a couple of pedestrians that were just walking around. After he had hit those people, the Muslim then stepped out of the car and starting attacking people with a knife. Some people that were near the incident referred to the knife as a machete.

But the bottom line is that there wasn’t a gun anywhere in the story. Early reports of the attack had people saying that the attacker was using a gun. And the liberals are using this incident to push their agenda on having strict gun control.

Remember, the only person that died was the terrorist himself.

So why are we having a debate about gun control when it’s completely and totally irrelevant? But then, this is kind of the liberal M.O., isn’t it? They don’t care about whether gun control is actually needed, just like they don’t care if it violates our second amendment rights. Stealing people’s guns is about power and control, not keeping Americans safe.

Don’t let them use the Ohio State attack to push their anti-gun narrative!

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