Gun Shop Owner Alerted Police Of Orlando Jihadi, Here’s Why They DID NOTHING!

I think I have a phobia of people who unironically use the term “Islamophobia.”

Political correctness is doing more than censoring our language – it’s killing people. Neighbors of the San Bernardino shooter had suspicions – but failed to report their activity for fear of being branded “racist.” We all know what happens next.

PC nonsense has even infuriated our government. Hillary’s State Department closed an investigation into the Orlando shooter’s mosque because they had concerns that it “unfairly singled out Muslims.” As I’ve joked before, were they expecting to find Islamic terrorists within a Catholic Church?

The State Department is hardly the only one who could’ve stopped the massacre had political correctness not intervened. BizPacReview reports:

CNN reported Thursday that the local gun store personnel that sold the Orlando mass shooter weapons grew suspicious of the transaction.

Just stop there. Under the general rule, “see something, say something,” they claim to have alerted authorities.

But in the Obama-created climate where poitical correctness trumps public safety, something went awry.

And the CAIR-induced fear of being labeled Islamophobic, blame often gets shifted and facts get distorted.

Apparently the DHS’ new motto should be “if you see something, say something. Unless that something is Muslim.”

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