Gun Store’s AWESOME Response To Liberals Who Think Radical Muslims Want To “Coexist”


Excerpted From Mad World News: Although Obama is adamant in his claims that Muslim extremists do not represent what the Koran teaches, with every drop of American blood shed by the religion of Islam, this lie is quickly unraveling. Furthermore, it seems that Americans’ eyes are opening to this reality as more and more continue to speak out.

With signs like the one the owners of Lexington Firearms & Gun Works just put up, it won’t be long before even Liberals can’t avoid calling the Muslim religion what it is. As reported by the Conservative Tribune, the store placed a sign up reading, “Beheadings indicate they don’t want to ‘coexist.’”

Gun Store's AWESOME Response To Liberals Who Think Radical Muslims Want To “Coexist”

Despite the sign being right on the money, it seems Liberals in their pursuit of unadulterated tolerance are oblivious to this fact. We’ve all seen the hippy bumper stickers reading “coexist” that seem to think that everyone wants to do just that.

However, for some reason they fail – intentionally or not – to realize Muslim’s don’t seem to want to “coexist.” In fact, if anything has been made clear by those who worship Allah, it’s that they won’t stop until all blood has been bled dry from the infidel and Sharia law has been implemented worldwide and the religion of Islam is all that exists.

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