IT’S HAPPENING! HS Students Brought Guns To School, Were Here ILLEGALLY—TRUMP Delivers PERFECT JUSTICE!

Good thing they don’t teach “common sense to illegal immigrants 101” in high school, otherwise these folks might not get deported for bringing a gun to school because they would not have brought a gun to the school in the first place!

Maybe they accidentally went to this class: “how to get your whole f*cking family deported in 5 minutes” taught by a border patrol agent.

I don’t know what they were thinking, but it wasn’t the best decision of their life as three teenage students who were caught with a gun at a high school face possible deportation and other charges.

Three high school students were held by police after a handgun was discovered on the campus of Millbrook High School, in the possession of a 14-year-old student. Two 17-year-old students were also involved and one of them was found to be in the USA ILLEGALLY.

No one was shot or threatened, but in today’s times you cannot bring a gun to a high school and think it’s a good idea – especially if you’re an illegal immigrant and you put your entire illegal family at risk of deportation.

Here’s a math problem: one illegal immigrant plus one handgun at high school equals DEPORTATION!

— Homeland Security is initiating paperwork to have Franklin Castillo-Diaz,17, deported to Honduras and Elsy Diaz-Quintanilla,17, to El Salvador after their involvement with a handgun found on Millbrook High School’s campus Thursday.

Based on court papers obtained by WRAL, Castillo-Diaz is in the United States illegally.

Three students were detained Thursday after a handgun was found on campus in the possession of a Millbrook High School student. Castillo-Diaz and Diaz-Quintanilla were arrested Thursday and charged with having a gun on school grounds. They appeared in a Wake County court Friday.

“Normally what happens if they put a detainer on them, they wait until they’re tried in state court, for whatever the charge was, and then once that sentence comes down, if they’re going to let them go, put on probation or whatever it may be, then they’ll pick them up on the detainer,” said Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison.

Authorities said the gun was found in the possession of a 14-year-old student. His name and the charges against him are not being released because of his age.

A student alerted the school resource officer about the weapon Thursday, and the semi-automatic handgun was confiscated without incident. The gun was not fired or pointed at other students, police said.

Castillo-Diaz also faces an additional charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Castillo-Diaz and Diaz-Quintanilla’s are scheduled to appear in court again Feb. 16.


Looks like it might be “other side of the wall for you” for one of the students. The other two will probably receive minor charges and a slap on the wrist.

I’m curious why the students had the gun. I think you handle these situations case by case, just to be moderately fair, and make sure you’re not screwing over good people in the process.

It’s important to isolate people who are a POS and work harder to deport them.

Was it for self-defense? Were they getting beat up every day after school? If they were going to shoot someone who beat them up every day, then I can’t complain about that. Bullies get what they deserve.

Was it part of a drug deal?

Did they bring it to be cool and show off to classmates?

Is the gun legally registered to anyone? Is it a street gun?

I’d like to know where they got it, why they brought it, and then I’d make the decision on their charges based on their “story” or lack thereof.

If the person who is here illegally has no prior record, his family is totally clean and no one has a police record, then I wouldn’t deport them. I would make them become legal residents so they could contribute to the tax system like everyone else. If you’re here, working, and being productive, then I’m OK with that.

If you’re here breaking the law, causing problems, and being annoying – then there’s a spot on the other side of the wall for you.

Case by case basis, because you cannot lump everyone into the same cliche group of rapists or criminals and there’s no point to uproot a family who contributes to our economy and country. But like I said, if they’re not working, and refuse to become legal citizens, well then GTFO!

This is the look their possibly illegal mother gave them when they got home.


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