Gutfeld Slams Mainstream Media for Buying Teen’s Lie About Anti-Muslim Attack And Pushing Fake News! (VIDEO)

In the picture above, you will see a scum bag. The other person, is Greg Gutfeld. Greg just crushed this millennial Muslim who recently admit to making a FAKE NEWS story.

She basically suggested that Trump supporters attacker her because she’s Muslim, but now retracts her words and claims she made it all up.

And the leftist media keeps grunting about right wing partisan websites posting fake news. Nope. It’s actually the left wingers posting fake news. Liberals and democrats are some of the most hateful, useless, racist people you’ll ever meet. They post anything that sparks ratings and fits their anti-brains agenda.

If they can turn a story into a race war, then that’s what they’ll do. If they want to post fake news about Trump supporters beating up a cute Muslim girl, then that’s what they’ll do.

And I hate to say it, but most Trump supporters would probably want to bang the burka off this chick, so this story was really far fetched. She isn’t one of those fake Muslims. You know, the big black chicks who convert to Islam so they don’t ever have to do their hair or buy a new outfit. We know all about them. This girl, Yasmin Seweid, is fairly attractive. She could easily get some Trump action if she’d stop making up fake news stories and selling out to the dummy dems and loser libs.

Good thing Greg Gutfeld crushed the media for posting her fake news.


Fox News – Yasmin Seweid, 18, has since admitted she made the whole story up, and she has been charged with obstructing governmental administration and filing a false report.

Gutfeld said the media bought Seweid’s lie with no questions asked because they wanted to believe that Trump voters “gleefully attack innocent Muslims.”

“So they suspended skepticism, and they enabled a lie,” Gutfeld said.

He added that the media will now likely turn the narrative to Seweid’s “issues,” not her crime.

Gutfeld said the media should actually be more focused on their own issues, such as continually buying these hoaxes.

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