Guy Expelled from Colorado State… for NOT Raping Someone?

Colorado has gone off to lib la-la land! Of course, in our fundamentally transformed America under Obama, what do you expect?! Christians have to go against their beliefs & bake cakes for gays, trannies are allowed in girl’s bathrooms – Curt Schilling fired for opposing it, and Bruce Jenner becomes Caitlyn.

Libs are turning the world upside down. And we’re supposed to sit back & take it. I don’t think so! The hell with being PC!


We’ve seen a lack of due process on college campuses across the country for several years now. Many of which revolve around the drama than a male student was merely accused of rape. We’ve even see it go so far as a man being reprimanded for looking like someone who once committed rape (read more about that here). That brings us to the latest. Here’s one at Colorado State University where a guy was expelled for rape… even though the girl/victim in question now swears she wasn’t raped.

The problem is her co-worker told people otherwise

According to the lawsuit, Neal and a female trainer went to the movies and had consensual sex while both were sober. When the female trainer’s co-worker noticed a hickey the following morning, she reportedly misunderstood the female trainer’s explanation and believed she had been sexually assaulted by Neal.

Shortly afterwards, the trainer texted Neal the following, according to the lawsuit: “One of the other Athletic Training students screwed me over!…She went behind my back and told my AT advisor stuff that wasn’t true!!! I’m trying so hard to fix it all. I miss you & care about you so much Grant! Everything will work out…I promise”

The trainer called her coordinator and told her bluntly, “I’m fine and I wasn’t raped.” She also called her mother to explain that she wasn’t raped, according to the lawsuit. Neal says he even recorded a meeting between the two of them where she made it clear the sex was consensual. Apparently none of it mattered; Colorado State University-Pueblo found him guilty of sexual misconduct anyway and gave him a de facto expulsion.

So now, even not raping someone and even having the girl swear that that you didn’t rape her… can still result in your expulsion from school.

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Granted, on its surface, this seems absurd. “CLICKBAIT!” or “THERE’S MORE TO THE STORY!” I can already see in the comments section. It’s not and there isn’t. This is simple stuff. A man was expelled for merely being accused of a crime he never committed. Period. Which brings us to the most important question. Why? Glad you asked. Allow me to answer your question with a question.

What did you think would happen?!

When leftists trot out verifiably false statistics like the “gender wage gap,” (watch “Equal Pay Gap Completely Debunked”) or verifiably false statistics claiming that “one in four women are raped,” when SJW leftists demand that white males check their privilege, require segregated safe spaces and bitch about the secret “patriarchy” like it’s their full-time job… how is it surprising when young men are treated inhumanely? Young, white men on campus have been vilified as a sub-human caricature. A sacrificial lamb for all that is wrong with society.

When you’ve framed the entire discussion on campuses across the country this way, these will be the results. In the world of trigger warnings and gender neutral potties, identity politics trumps truth. Facts have been replaced with diversity quotas, and debate has been swapped out for safe spaces.

We’ve gone so far that young men entering college now face a very real reality. Even if they do nothing and I mean nothing wrong… it’s still not enough. All it takes is someone who may not like you (for any reason, pick any reason) lobbing an accusation. Your life could be ruined. That’s it. Nothing more required. Just an accusation. Possibly from a scorned ex lover. Game over.

Also, about that “rape culture” myth…

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