Watch This Guy Make The WORST Move Of His Life In 15 Seconds That Sends Him Into The AIR!

18-year-old Kevonte Dekorey Austin escaped from his work-release program and took a Toyota Tacoma for a joyride and a police chase.

What happened next was totally crazy. A high-speed chase flew down US 371, hitting speeds over 110 miles per hour, and the way it ended could’ve resulted in several people losing their lives.

Deputies tossed spike strips across the highway and the inexperienced teenage driver flew off the road and kept going. This is where it begins to look like a Fast and Furious stunt! The driver flies off the road and then jumps OVER another road, over a fence, and lands ON TOP of another car. The woman inside the car was unbelievably not injured.

That’s where the chase ends and authorities put him back in custody. He will probably be locked up for a long time after this crazy car chase.

An 18-year-old is back in police custody after a chase and dramatic crash during which a pickup went airborne and landed on a car in Webster Parish.

Kevonte Dekorey Austin, 18, an escaped work-release participant, was taken into custody.

Webster Sheriff Gary Sexton said the events began to unfold when a deputy pulled over the driver of a Toyota Tacoma speeding on U.S. Highway 371.

As the deputy spoke with the driver outside the pickup, the truck’s passenger slid into the driver’s seat and sped off.

Sheriff’s deputies chased Austin at speeds reaching 115 miles per hour. The chase took deputies to Springhill before heading south on Hwy. 371.

Austin lost control of the Tacoma when it hit spike strips deputies had set out at Hwy. 371 at U.S. Highway 80 north of Dixie Inn.

The pickup went airborne and landed on a Toyota Corolla parked at a restaurant.

Barbara Harlon was in that car and escaped unhurt by climbing out a passenger door.

Here’s the highlight of the video. It looks like a stunt from an action movie like Fast and Furious or a scene from a game like Grand Theft Auto. Well that’s odd, isn’t that what this guy is getting locked up for?

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