HA! Comedian bashes Trump in show; audience response is PRICELESS

Oh. Her again?

Amy Schumer who calls herself a “professional entertainer” as a comedian, is one of those Hollywooders that likes to think Americans care about their political opinions and beliefs.

She’s suppose to make people laugh…


Apparently, she forgot about the ‘comedy’ part of ‘comedian’ because the last thing a real comedian wants to do is get serious…ESPECIALLY about politics. It’s a death wish for their career.

Hence…the reason Schumer’s career is dragging a bit now.

Which meh, could also be because she’s not funny…

Just as all the other Hollywood stars who love to push their political agenda down everyone’s throat, Schumer is pushing a bunch of her own progressive nonsense into her stand-up and other forms of media she works with.

Schumer if you haven’t already guessed is one of Hillary Clinton’s groupies.

However, more recently, she has learned that regardless of her political stance when it comes to politics and comedy…there is a VERY fine line between what is funny and what is just plain career suicide.

Recently, she learned the hard way…what those differences were.

An estimated 200 Donald Trump supporters were present at one her shows she put on in Florida. When Schumer started in on Trump, she got it dished right back by these Trump supporters, and it wasn’t pretty.

Schumer went too far. Halfway into her act she brought a Trump supporter up on stage to defend their candidate of choice…

This audience member stated that he supported Trump because “he can’t trust Hillary” and as soon as he did, Schumer shewed him from the stage in dismissal then went even further to tell security that they need to escort anyone out, that was booing her actions.

That’s when she really went full douchebag.

Calling Trump an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake college-starting monster”

Obviously, at this point…it was no longer a comedy show, it was a horror show.

It was at that point that a group of Trump supporters started to file out of the arena.

I for one hope they also asked for a refund. They paid to support this comedian who was suppose to make them laugh, and all she managed to do was piss them off.


Do us a solid Schumer, politicize your stand-up right into the unemployment line.

We’ll consider it a personal favor.

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