Hacker Says Trump Was Spied On 24/7 And So Are YOU, Just By Using This One Sneaky Item We All Have

WHOA! WikiLeaks just dropped one of their largest DUMPS of info on Tuesday that consisted of thousands and thousands of documents that all led to exposing the Central Intelligence Agency.

Yes, the C.I.A.

Obama’s CIA has just been exposed for creating tools of “cyber attacks” for example turning smartphones and smart t.v. into microphones… sound a little to Hollywood spy film for you?

Well, folks, it is not real life…and who knows for how long. Most likely that past 8 years…right?

The first set of documents released also imply that Donald Trump was spied on with these very CIA tools….and all this just days after President Trump has announced that Trump Towers was bugged. By…Obama’s people.

Now after the release today, everything changes…because there is just too much to ignore. It can’t be ignored, but how much do you want to bet that the left is going to try and do EXACTLY that.

I’m sure they will…

Deny and redistribute blame elsewhere. <—- such a left thing to do. They suck.

Check this out…

So now after the release today you should know that famed hacker, Kim Dotcom said that President Trump would “totally go ballistic” if he learned exactly what the Obama CIA did watching and listening to him 24 hours a day… 7 days a freaking week.

This is madness…and quite frankly, makes me want to slap these asshats. However, I won’t, because….I’m a conservative. So they have my permission to go slap themselves.

Here is what he had to say…

After all this, doesn’t it feel like our reality has turned into a Hollywood blockbuster movie of espionage, blackmail, sex-scandals, everything else under the sun? It’s all happening…and right under our noses.

This is the corruption of D.C. that President Trump has to deal with. The Democrats have ensured that there are no more answers to find there, only it’s corruption, and Trump’s mission to drain the swamp is going to take divine help at this point and nothing less.

Nothing less.

It is so painfully obvious that the corruption is layer, upon layer, upon layer of deceit and lies, no telling how deep it goes or who can be trusted.

I take it back this isn’t a spy movie we are living, this is a horror movie.

When you think about it…could this be the reason that Comey let Hillary go? Did she know about the spying?

It appears that Hillary actually knew about the wiretap…because she tweeted about it one week BEFORE the election.


Now, let’s not forget that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch took it upon herself to meet with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at Phoenix International Airport. You all remember that right? That meeting happened right around the same time the first FISA request came through.

Did Bill Clinton mention the wiretapping plan to his spawn of satan wife? Were they actually ALL in cahoots?

Exciting times…but seemingly very dangerous times as well.

Pray for our country and President Trump, folks. We need to fight the corruption.

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