More Than Half Of Uniformed Police Officers At Chicago Airports Are Unarmed, Told To ‘Run And Hide’ If Attacked

I’ve noticed a contradiction when liberals talk about the police and guns.

It seems that half my liberal friends think we don’t need guns because of police, and that the other half think that all police are racists who can’t be trusted with firearms. Considering that liberals have been pushing for gun control against private citizens for decades, I’ve been wondering if they’d come for cops next.

It may sound crazy, but in a place like the UK where firearms are banned entirely, even police don’t carry guns. What could possibly go wrong? (Hint: a lot).

We all know that Chicago is home to some of the nation’s strictest gun control, and that extends to more than just their citizens apparently. Leo Affairs reports:

Over half of the uniformed police officers in Chicago’s two major airports are unarmed, with about 300 certified law enforcement officers being without even a basic service weapon.

According to ABC7, of the the 500 sworn police officers at O’Hare and Midway airports, only 230 of them -those who fall under Chicago PD and not the City Aviation Department- have sidearms.

“We are the only airport that allow our police officers to be unarmed while on duty,” says 29th Ward Alderman Chris Taliaferro.

Brilliant idea.

Considering that most public shooting occur in gun free zones, this airport is practically telling terrorists to target them.

A CPD officer with over two decades on the force, Taliaferro is currently on leave as he serves in the position of 29th Ward Alderman. While an ordinance was introduced in spring of last year that would arm aviation police, it is at risk of dying in committee.

“Coupled with being unarmed they are taught as part of their training to run and hide. Certainly any law enforcement officers- in my 21 years as a police officer I’ve never been taught to run and hide. We’ve always been taught to serve and protect,” Taliaferro says.

According to aviation officer union representative Matt Brandon, the “run and hide” policy is considered a “recipe for failure if an attack such as the recent one in Istanbul were to occur in Chicago. Verily, the union has been pressing to arm the aviation police for decades.

Chicago’s counterterrorism strategy: run and hide.

Looking at the city’s murder rate, that must be their anti-gun violence strategy too.

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