Hamilton actor who lectured Pence probably wishes he NEVER tweeted this…

The cast of Hamilton had a message for Vice President-Elect Mike Pence when he attended the Broadway show recently. And actor Brandon Victor Dixon delivered the message on behalf of the cast. He thanked Pence for attending, and then told him that ““we, sir, we are the diverse America” who were “alarmed and anxious” by the new Trump administration. This could perhaps be understandable — the Trump administration has been accused of associating with racists and white nationalists. But if the cast was truly concerned about racial division, then how do they explain this tweet?

Several months ago, Hamilton held auditions. They were looking for actors who could sing and rap, but they didn’t want just anyone. No, white actors weren’t wanted:

That in and of itself raised eyebrows. But it was a tweet sent out by Dixon that really has people talking:

Dixon is also a staunch supporter of Black Lives Matter, and has been known to mock the idea of “All Lives Matter”. So it’s not surprising that he’s been roundly mocked for his own evident racism.

Ouch. Although of course, the media isn’t likely to cover this at all, so Dixon probably is safe from too much scrutiny.

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