YES! Day After ‘Hamilton’ Actor Harasses Pence, He Gets Exactly What He Deserves…

His name is Steven Van Zandt, but some of you may know him better as Silvio Dante from the Sopranos, OR as the guitar player in Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

Another thing you should know about him is that he is by far… as FAR-left as a leftist can get.

However, after this whole “Hamilton” incident, even HE as a far-leftist finds what the cast member did to Pence just as horrible and disgusting as any of us.

Respectfully, he has no shame in speaking what he thinks, even when it goes against what others from the left and what they feel.

Yay for truth prevailing! In this instance at least.

Van Zandt is not ok with the way Pence was treated during a performance of “Hamilton”, he does not support Pence being harassed in such a venue, and he is giving it a name…


The great thing about this is that Van Zandt knows more than just a few things about performing, and what he is saying about how the ‘Hamilton’ cast handled themselves that night…it RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

I don’t know that I can say much more about it, that will do any better than what these tweets have shared with us. Pence is a good man, that is apparent just in the way he presents himself and the fruits of his actions.

Broadway is an escape from ‘real life’, it is meant to sweep you away into a world unknown to you, where you get to live and enjoy the show and just forget about reality for a moment.

It’s always been that way. Now ‘Hamilton’ has just taken it upon themselves to ruin that for everyone.

This was not the venue to do what they did, and they should be highly ashamed of themselves. I’m glad that someone from the left AND from Hollywood can recognize that.

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