BREAKING : “Hamilton” Actor Who Lectured Mike Pence, Writes Inappropriate Sexual Tweet About White Women

The cast of Hamilton made waves when front page headlines showed that they lectured Vice President Elect Mike Pence at their latest production. They gave a speech in which they basically told Pence their production was based on love and multiculturalism, something that he does not promote. Pence had a perfectly classy response. Turns out, the man that read the speech has a little bit of a nefarious past himself.

Brandon Victor Dixon was the cast member who got on stage and spoke directly to the Vice President Elect. But the media has unearthed former tweets from his social media account. One of them read,

That is some pretty sexually explicit threat right there. It would certainly seem that he is insinuating that Saint Patrick’s Day is the day for African American men to date rape or sexually assault white women. It is also a mighty big double standard.

Dixon lectured Pence on creating an open and tolerant America and preached that many of those in the cast who come from multicultural backgrounds feared for their safety and what is to come under the Trump administration. Yet, he himself made a rather inappropriate comment on social media. One that could be construed as dangerous and unsafe.

For someone so quick to stand up on their moral high horse he should probably sweep his own front porch before he starts looking at others and telling them to clean off theirs. Let he who has no sin cast the first stone, as the saying goes. But that type of lesson is completly beyond the liberal hypocrisy and double standards that he wreaks.

President Elect Trump tweeted out responses to the Hamilton casts reaction. He immediately called on them to apologize and claimed the cast and the show was overrated. Only time will tell what they ultimately do.

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