“Hamilton” Cast Member With Zero Class Calls Out VP Elect Mike Pence From Center Stage (VIDEO)

Vice President Elect Mike Pence and his wife were booed when they went into a play for Hamilton. Subsequently when the play ended the cast came on stage and publicly called him out. It was cast member Brandon Dixon who took the mic to speak directly to the Vice President and took the opportunity to discuss how the play represent the United States and that they are both founded on multiculturalism.

He took the chance to thank him for coming and enjoying in the play but quickly went into how the cast of the play is disturbed and worried about what Pence has in plan for America. Dixon expressed how he and the rest of the cast hoped that Vice President Pence and President Elect Trump would be working on making things better for ALL Americans.

The video that quickly went viral shows claps and cheers for Dixon as he gave his speech but some on Twitter and social media were not pleased with what he did. See below,

While Dixon did not have an inflammatory or argumentative tone nobody likes being called out publicly. It has to be embarrassing to come to an event that you want to enjoy and be shamed in front of an entire audience of people. If the cast had come to him in private asking to discuss specific issues Pence might have actually been open to having a discussion. But to start things off in this way clearly soured that opportunity from the beginning.

If they truly wanted to achieved something from what they said they would have done it behind closed doors. It appears more like a publicity stunt to try and get attention than it is social activism. If they really wanted to affect change perhaps they could have invited the Vice President Elect behind stage, thanked him for joining and then asked for a audience with him and Trump to discuss issues they wanted to.

That is how you create open and inclusive dialogue. Not by alienating people and shaming them in public.

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